ULTRASONIC: The World Market for Ultrasonic Flowmeters, 5th Edition Core Study Only (PDF + Hardcopy)

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Ship Date: Q2 2017

The World Market for Ultrasonic Flowmeters, 5th Edition

Flow Research is currently analizying the worldwide ultrasonic flowmeter market once again. Flow Research will divide the study of this fast-growing market into three parts: a Core Study and two Modules. The Inline, Clamp-On, and Insertion markets will be individually analyzed. 

This product is listing is for the CORE STUDY ONLY. To purchase the entire study as a package, or Module A and Module B separately, please see the other study product listings.

Our last look at the ultrasonic market was published in 2012, and previous versions were released in 2008, 2003, and 2001. 

Flow Research is planning to publish a new set of three market studies on the worldwide ultrasonic flowmeter market. A primary goal is to determine the size of the ultrasonic flowmeter market in 2016, and to forecast its market size through 2021. The three studies are called:

• Core Study: The World Market for Ultrasonic Flowmeters

• Module A: The World Market for Inline Ultrasonic Flowmeters

• Module B: The World Market for Clamp-on and Insertion Ultrasonic Flowmeters

The three studies identify the following essential elements:

• Market size for all types of ultrasonic flowmeters in 2016 worldwide and by region

• Market shares for all types of ultrasonic flowmeters in 2016 worldwide and by region

• Market growth and forecasts for all types of ultrasonic flowmeters through 2021

• Industries and applications where ultrasonic flowmeters are currently used, and areas of new market growth

• Product analyses for the main companies selling into the ultrasonic flowmeter market

• Strategies to manufacturers for selling into the ultrasonic flowmeter market

• Company profiles of the main suppliers of ultrasonic flowmeters

Rationale for Studies

Since completing our first ultrasonic study in 2001, we have been following this market very closely. We published the 2nd Edition of this study in 2003, the 3rd Edition in 2008, and the 4th Edition in 2013. We have placed ultrasonic technology with others, such as Coriolis and electromagnetic, within the “new technology” group of flowmeters. User interest and market growth are both especially significant within the new-tech process control instrumentation arena.

Many of these developments have been described in our quarterly report, Market Barometer, where each includes an update on the ultrasonic flowmeter market.

The 2016/2017 studies will build on the knowledge gained over the years since our last full treatment of the subject, but will also represent a completely fresh look at the market. We will divide the research results into a Core Study and two Modules, and will once again analyze the inline, clamp-on, and insertion markets individually. This method enables us to separate out unit price and unit quantity data for each technology, and provide a distinctive analysis for each of these three fundamentally different ultrasonic flowmeter types.

We are presenting these three studies to you to enable you to see both the forest and the trees when it comes to the ultrasonic flowmeter market. So far as we know, Flow Research stands alone in providing such a comprehensive analysis of the worldwide ultrasonic flowmeter market.

For further information, please see www.flowultrasonic.com.