FLOW CALIBRATION: Worldwide Gas Flow Calibration Facilities and Markets (Core Study) (PDF file)

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Worldwide Flowmeter Calibration Facilities and Markets

Two new studies designed for flow calibration facilities, flowmeter manufacturers, and end-users

Core Study: The World Market for Gas Flow Calibration Facilities
Module A: 
The World Market for Liquid Flow Calibration Facilities

This purchase is for the Core Study only. If you would like to purchase Module A separately, or the package together, please see other product listings.

Flow Research has now produced a completely new set of studies on worldwide flowmeter calibration facilities. The primary goal was to determine and to describe in detail the capabilities that these facilities offer, and how and why these facilities are of importance to flowmeter instrumentation users. The set of studies is called, Worldwide Flowmeter Calibration Facilities and Markets. The research achieved multiple purposes: 

• To identify independent and manufacturer flow calibration facilities worldwide and by region 

• To accurately describe the capabilities of these facilities 

• To identify market growth factors for calibration facilities, especially as these factors apply to gas and oil custody transfer applications

• To describe effective procedures for the recalibration of flowmeters by type 

• To provide in-depth profiles of major calibration companies worldwide 

For further information on study topics and segmentation, download the Study Overview at www.flowcalibration.org.