MULTIPHASE: Module A: The World Market for Watercut Meters (PDF + Hardcopy)

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Publication Date: Q1 2017

Module A: The World Market for Watercut Meters
(Adjunct study to The World Market for Multiphase Flowmeters)

Flow Research is doing a companion study to The World Market for Multiphase Flowmeters, 2nd Edition.  The study is entitled, The World Market for Watercut Meters. (See for further details on the Multiphase study.)

Watercut meters have been a mainstay within the oil & gas industry for decades.  Well operators have always considered it essential to know the percentage of water in total liquids produced at the wellhead, and watercut meters have traditionally been their means to acquire that data. 

The demand for better accuracy in the measurement of this critical ratio has been driven by three primary factors: 1) the need to have reliable data to effectively manage each well; 2) the need for predictive information to plan for secondary recovery investments; and, 3) the emergence of and growth in new field drilling techniques such as directional drilling and line pooling. 

The three drivers cited above all exist within the context of an increase in more difficult offshore and subsea exploration & production, as well as the new plays in shale/sand oil and gas production.  Today’s depressed oil and gas prices – while not likely a long term concern – are evidence of the market volatility and economic peril that well operators will encounter in the short and medium terms. 

And, in addition to user demands for improved product performance, watercut meter manufacturers are also beginning to see the encroachment of alternative technologies such as multiphase flowmeters.  Multiphase flowmeters have held the promise of reducing the total number of components an operator needs to properly evaluate wellhead flows, and are closer than ever to fulfilling that promise. 

Flow Research believes – for all of the reasons described above and more – that this is an optimal time to take a close look at the worldwide watercut meter market.

This study has multiple objectives:

To determine worldwide 2015 market size for watercut meters

·      To determine worldwide 2015 market shares for watercut meter manufacturers

·      To forecast market growth for all types of watercut meters through 2020

·      To identify the industries and applications where watercut meters are used

·      To identify market growth sectors for watercut meters

·      To provide a product analysis of the main companies selling into the watercut meter market

·      To provide strategies to manufacturers for selling into the watercut meter market

·      To provide company profiles of the main suppliers of watercut meters

Company Profiles

Complete company profiles of the leading watercut meter manufacturers are included. Below is a partial list of the companies profiled in this study:

Agar Corporation
Cameron Measurement Systems (NUFLO)
Emerson Process Management (Roxar)
EESIFLO International
FMC Technologies
M-Flow Technologies Ltd.
Phase Dynamics
Weatherford International

For further information on this study, including segmentation, download the Overview at If you have any questions, please contact Jesse Yoder at Flow Research by email at, or call Flow Research at 781-245-3200.