MULTIPHASE: The World Market for Multiphase Flowmeters, 2nd Edition Core Study (PDF file)

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The World Market for Multiphase Flowmeters 

Flow Research has completed a new edition of our popular study on the worldwide multiphase flowmeter market. The primary goal was to determine the size of this flowmeter market in 2015. Forecasts through 2020 are included. 

This study has achieved multiple objectives:

• To determine worldwide 2015 market size for multiphase flowmeters
• To determine worldwide 2015 market shares for multiphase flowmeters
• To forecast market growth for all types of multiphase flowmeters through 2020
• To identify the industries and applications where multiphase flowmeters are used, and to identify market growth sectors
• To provide a product analysis for the main companies selling into the multiphase flowmeter market
• To provide strategies to manufacturers for selling into the multiphase flowmeter market
• To provide company profiles of the main suppliers of multiphase flowmeters.

Key issues addressed in this study

This study addresses the following key issues in the multiphase flowmeter market:
• Factors causing the market to grow
• Growth in the use of multiphase flowmeters
• The future of multiphase in custody transfer applications
• The use of multiphase flowmeters in oil and gas applications
• The increased number of suppliers in the multiphase flowmeter market
• The importance of electromagnetic radiation technology and its future in this market
• New product and technology developments
• Growth strategies for multiphase flowmeter suppliers 

For further information on study topics and segmentation, download the Study Overview at